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Some frequently asked questions with respect to availability of my art:

"I'd like to order a print of yours, but can't find it on your shop. Is it still available?"

The only prints available for order are those currently active on the storefront. Should a previous print not be featured, it has sold out of its limited run and is no longer being distributed.

"If a print is not available right now, will you be re-releasing it in the future?"

No. Once a print's limited run is complete, it will no longer be distributed in respect to the exclusivity surrounding its original release.

"How can I acquire one of your older prints that have sold out?"

The only manner with which to acquire a sold out piece is via an existing owner. Please ensure that anyone offering to sell can confirm presence of: the on-print signature, limited run details (typically affixed to the back of the print), and Certificate of Authenticity.

"I see your work on Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Displate, etc. Is that you? Is it legit?"

No. The only channel with which to secure my art is this website. Those counterfeit products are produced using low-quality, web-sized versions of my art and are cheap knock-off items (poor grade print stock, pixelated, watermarked, non-archival, etc).

"Will you print a non-limited version of a sold out piece if I pay you extra?"

No. Once a print's limited run is complete, it will no longer be commercially distributed in any format. The exception to this are prints produced in alternate formats by myself for promotional/charitable purposes and delivery to the athlete(s) featured.